Orcas September CTP available for download

I don’t generally advertise each CTP release from our division, but there are some things that are cool about this one that I wanted to point out.  1. Thanks to customer feedback we’ve decided to release this as a VPC image.  Simply download and run in Virtual PC or Virtual Server. 2. It’s the first…


Mrs Josh Has Too Much Time on Her Hands

Apparently Gretchen and Zoe are spawning off a “Media Content Empire” out of JobSyntax. That all kicked off today with their first “JobCast” that’s a screencast with resume writing tips.  I’m sure they’d love your feedback on the content and the format.  As you can see from the blog post they are also doing a…


Halo RTS Game a Reality!!!

I was hoping for this in the spring… well for a long time really. I’d love to see them do for RTS games on a console what they did for FPS games.  Check out www.halowars.com!.    Via Xbox360fanboy Josh


Good Support Stories

It’s best to share both good and bad feedback with teams when you have it.  Today I have some better stories to share… and I still don’t really classify the last one as bad, just less than stellar. Xbox Support My Xbox360 came loud. The fans where slowly driving me insane. I used to think this…


Open Invitation to Friday Demo Days

I’ve posted in the past that our team has been attempting to run “Demo-Day” after our Friday scrum meeting. The demos are meant to be short unscripted opportunities for folks to show off newly finished work, prototypes, concepts, etc.  On person asked me if they were open to folks outside my team.  We talked about…


Office Prank Video: Developer + Igloo = Productivity

In the middle of August Bertan took a 4 week vacation to get married. Well, as is a grand Microsoft tradition, we had to do something to his office. It took us two weeks to come up with the idea. In the end we went on a hunch and decide to build an igloo. This…


Jobs for people that want to build igloos

If you are reading this then you have probably seen our “igloo video”.   Like I said in the video, we work in the Developer Division Engineering Excellence team.  As a group we help build software like Visual Studio, the .NET framework, Asp.Net, etc.  We help by improving the engineering practices, performance, processes, and our customer…


Building Live QnA Gadgets

Betsy has a great post on how to build live QnA gadgets.  Live QnA is a question-and-answer service that emits data in XML format (RSS). While we do not offer at this time a specific API beyond the RSS feeds that you can generate from search, you will find this is actually a robust way…


VSCmdShell 1.1 Released to Codeplex

To catch everyone up… The VSCmdShell provides users with a shell window inside the Visual Studio IDE that can be used for Visual Studio commands as well. Current version allows user to use either Windows Command Shell (cmd.exe) or Windows PowerShell. Well, last month we shipped a 1.0 version for VS2005 to codeplex and this…


Latest Video from Developer Solutions on "Going Open"

Sara recently attended OSCON and wanted to give our team a recap of what she learned there. We figured it would be good education for softies and non-softies if we filmed it and published the video to the Internet.  Check out her presentation on Port 25!