Do we really need another wifi/network manager running on our machines?

Let us know what you think about Windows Live WiFi Center and Windows Live WiFi Hotspot Locator.  We really appreciate knowing what our customers like and don’t like, and what functionality people would like to see added in the future.

Source: Un-Wired: Hello World...

I was asked to link to a post (above) about the new Windows Live Wifi Center.  The problem is that I'm just not sure we need another network monitoring service running on our users machines. My Toshiba came with 3 by default!  One from Windows XP, another from Intel, and a third from Toshiba!  Now we're getting into the game as well.  I'm just not sure what value we'll be able to add. 

The is an interesting idea, but I can't enter my own locations or add annotations to locations that already exist.  When they allow this then it would be really cool. Imagine a section for hotspots linked up with all the known data they already import.  I think that would be spot on.  

Oh, they should also make the site work better on my cell phone.  I can imagine a user scenario where I'm traveling and have some data access on my cell phone, but want to find full-fledged wifi. At the moment the site doesn't work so well from mobile browsers so I have to be connected to get connected.  🙁

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