Help us find VSCmdShell Bugs

Our team is going to release a 1.1 update of the VSCmdShell tool window for Visual Studio and we are spending the day looking for bugs.  Because the project is public you can participate as well. Head on over to the codeplex site

sign in, and file some bugs.  You can see all the existing bugs we're filing as well.  We'll be starting the bug fixing next week and targeting a 1.1 release by mid-September that will hopefully remove any adoption blockers.



VSCmdShell provides users with a shell window inside the Visual Studio IDE that can be used for Visual Studio commands as well. Current version allows user to use either Windows Command Shell (cmd.exe) or Windows PowerShell.

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  1. eugene.z says:


    We have been using the tool for a while (in connection with TFS command-line client – see, and we are very impressed.

    Cannot wait for next version!

    Yours truly, Eugene

  2. orcmid says:

    This would be a great add-in for the Express editions, especially Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition.  It would help beginners learn about command-line operation (something that is a problem, right down to "hey dude, where’s my EXE?) and for demos and tutorials.  It would also, perhaps provide an integration case for IronPython, F#, etc., for enthusiasts and students who do not have one of the commercial editions of Visual Studio.  

    My attention is entirely on supporting that level of user, so I can’t help with CodePlex for Power Tools like VSCmdShell that I presume have stronger prerequisites for VS (e.g., because the plug-in model is used).  Bummer.

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