Google Deprecates Groups Functionality

First AOL did this, now Google is lowering google groups visibility. Seems to make sense since they don't seem very speedy about updating groups functionality.   Maybe they'll get wise and update it one day with a real conversation search.

Google got rid of the Froogle and Google Groups link on top of their search box, and introduced a link to Google Video instead. From what we know, only the most successful Google services get spotlighted on the homepage... in the past, services like Google Directory had to go.

Source: Google Video Added to Google Homepage

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  1. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    The headline and content of your post don’t match. Google is not removing Google groups. By the way, the best thing Google can do IMHO is to integrate the most relevant search results from Google groups as part of the normal search results. Guess what, that’s what they must have done since from time to time that’s exactly what I see.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Still, when they remove items from the home page they tend to see far less traffic. Thus… depricated.  

    Garret: I think I accidently deleted your comment in a spam clean-up spree. Please re-post if you remember what you said.

  3. Norman Diamond says:

    Newsgroups see less traffic because spammers have pretty much won the war.

    I don’t think the lessened visibility (or even deletion if it came to that) of the ability to post through Google (formerly Deja) would reduce traffic by much.  Most postings are still done by ordinary NNTP connections.

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