Team blog or Personal Blog?

Recently I received this question. Hey – I’m planning to start a blog this week to talk about new ????? work I and the rest of my planning team is working on. Anyway, I was wondering if you had advice about whether to use a team blog or individual one? What are pros/cons of each?…


How hard is it to get a hot fix from Microsoft? It’s not easy online.

Update #4: You may now download your hotfixes without contacting support! … this was the biggest issue that most customers seemed to have. Fixes for the other issues will also be coming online shortly. Thanks for all your feedback. Update: To be very clear. This experiment was performed by several of the folks in my organization. Just about…


Do we really need another wifi/network manager running on our machines?

Let us know what you think about Windows Live WiFi Center and Windows Live WiFi Hotspot Locator.  We really appreciate knowing what our customers like and don’t like, and what functionality people would like to see added in the future. Source: Un-Wired: Hello World… I was asked to link to a post (above) about the…


John D’Addamio’s blog : Power Toys and code coverage

 John is the lone SDET on the developer solutions team. He’s fairly outnumbered by his developer and PM counterparts so, he spends a good amount of his time working on ways to automate and increase the amount of testing provided by unit tests and the other members of the team.  Oh, and now he’s blogging to. …


Help us find VSCmdShell Bugs

Our team is going to release a 1.1 update of the VSCmdShell tool window for Visual Studio and we are spending the day looking for bugs.  Because the project is public you can participate as well. Head on over to the codeplex site sign in, and file some bugs.  You can see all the…


Because there is such a thing as a bad question

It’s one thing I’ve learned watching the progress of the MSDN forums over the last year+… there are bad questions. I’ll be watching to see how well this sort of “rate the question” system goes over. Something new has appeared at Yahoo! Answers. A rating toolbar for each question and for each answer. These provide…


Learn the History of VS Express

This is a great bit of transparency where Dan Fernandez tells you, in his own words, the history and reasoning behind the VS Express.  Fast forward to RTM, and we’ve now had over six million downloads in eight months. That’s a huge number and is a phenomena in and of itself, especially when compared to…


Google Deprecates Groups Functionality

First AOL did this, now Google is lowering google groups visibility. Seems to make sense since they don’t seem very speedy about updating groups functionality.   Maybe they’ll get wise and update it one day with a real conversation search. Google got rid of the Froogle and Google Groups link on top of their search box,…


An easy way to bulk copy sharepoint document libraries

Our team was migrating to a hosted TFS server environment this week so that we don’t have to manage our own server anymore.  One of the challenges I wasn’t looking forward to was migrating our sharepoint document libraries. Thankfully I found this page that gave me an easy way to do this.   Source: Microsoft…


Will Live QnA suffer the Same Fate as Yahoo Answers?

You tell me. I have 10 invites to hand out to the first folks that send me thier e-mail address. I’ll post your comments about the service to my blog if you send them back to me as well.