Belated review of my 2005 Predictions

A year and a half ago I made 16 predictions for 2005. I won’t be leaving my post for a job as a psychic any time soon, but here’s a review on how I did against my predictions.

16. Bill Gates will start a blog… – This didn’t happen, but Ray Ozzie and Steven Sinofsky did and he has been on channel9 a couple of times. I’d call that a wash.

15. I’ll get recruited from my blog – Yes, I’ve been approached about jobs because of my blog.

14. Wiki style technical documentation will take off – I’m behind on this one, but progress is being made lets call it a push to 2006.

13 - Digital picture frames will be the hot gadget next year – These are still overpriced, but my Xbox 360 does a good job with my media content.

12. Someone will refer to me as "Mr. Gretchen" – Check

11. Devices will start talking to one another in meaningful ways… - The biggest thing I saw here was the advent of wifi cameras and a lot more printers that don’t require a connection to a computer to make prints. We’re getting there.

10 Myself, and a few million others, will buy Xbox 2 because it will come bundled with Halo 2.5. – Another wash. There was technically no Halo 2.5, but I enjoy Halo 2 more on my 360 because of the 720p and full anti-aliasing with the backwards compat. It’s almost like looking at a new game. J

9. Someone will leak dirty laundry - Like shooting fish in a barrel with so many bloggers here.

8. The Windows Media teams won’t listen to Scoble, but will finally make me wish I hadn’t been locked into iTunes – Nope, I still love iTunes. I hear Joe switched though.

7. Our dogs will start a Moblog. One of them will help teach children to read. – Our dogs started to contribute to a blog and Oliver is now helping children learn how to read!

6. Gretchen will read my blog and say "PIXELS!" to herself. – Check

5. New blog growth at Microsoft will start to slow by the end of 2005. – Nope, still new blogs every day. 149 million hits per month can’t be wrong.

4. AT/TAG will disagree with something I say… more than once. – Check.

3. Microsoft will NOT open source a major project, but you’ll see a steady diet of smaller projects with real customer/Microsoft collaboration released from "early adopter" teams. – Give me a couple more weeks on this one. J

2. It will be a banner year for Smartphone development. – I’d like to think it has been. I’ve now got a great RSS reader for my smartphone and a slew of other cool games and apps. I wrote an app myself, but I’m not about to release it yet.

1. Scooblog will be Slashdotted again. – Fortunately this did not occur.

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  1. TAG says:

    Thanks for reply 😉

    Any bets for this/next year ?

  2. Well, time for a little bit of backtracking.  🙂  A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about why I sold my iPod.  The title of the post was a little bit preemptive…my iPod Photo was still sitting in a box that I hadn’t unpacked yet since my move to

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Still love iTunes/iPod over my WMP/Gigabeat combo?  🙂

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Haven’t played with new WMP enough yet.  But your Gigabeat is cool.

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