Did you go to your 10 year HS reunion?

Does anyone know if / when we’ll have our 10 year high school reunion

Sara Ford's WebLog : Will we have a 10 year high school reunion....

I’ve chosen to skip my 10 year reunion.  I figure that the people I wanted to keep in touch with… I have… and if I haven’t kept in touch… there’s probably a reason for it.  No sense going back. 

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  1. Sean Chase says:

    I could not agree more.  🙂

  2. AlfredTh says:

    I’m thinking about going for my 35th this year. Not for the other students. I agree with you – since I haven’ t kept up with them after all this time why start now. They can find me on the Internet if they want. But I haven’t seen the building in 35 years and I wonder what it is like now.

  3. Mark Rosenberg says:

    I actually did go to my 10 year reunion, since I didn’t go to my 5 year reunion, and it was actually kind of fun.  I got to see alot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time and didn’t know how to keep in touch with.  I have known many people that I was never able to keep in touch with but we always seem to run into each other every few years.  This had many of those people all in one place.

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Why can I just imagine a former classmate of yours who hasn’t talked to you in years googling your name, coming up with this blog, and reading this post?  🙂

  5. MSDNArchive says:

    Sean: Thanks.

    Alfred: Sometimes I think you just like to post on Gret and I’s blogs just to remind us how young and inexperienced we are. 🙂

    Mark: Maybe the 20 year would be more interesting… when people are out of their 3rd or 4th rehab stretch.

    Joe: Stranger things have happened. I was once back to back on slashdot with a former classmate.  Completely coincidence.

  6. saraford says:

    It isn’t because i don’t want to keep in touch; it’s just that we’ve grown apart.  For example, one of my best friends from high school has 3 kids now and doesn’t have reliable, if any, computer / internet access.   I can’t get any further apart than that.  Most of my close friends from high school don’t have reliable internet access, so keeping in touch is difficult from the start.  And the friends that do, well, where do i start?  I’ve found it hard just to keep in touch with college friends, and it’s only been 5 years.

    Given Katrina, I’m sure many people will want to come back and talk, even if it just to have a peace of mind that everyone is okay (or to find out if someone isn’t okay).  I had a very small high school, with just 40 people in my graduating class.  One of the biggest lessons i’ve learned from Katrina is that when things like this happen, you care about everyone and everybody, whether or not you want to or ever thought you could.

    Seriously though, the real reason i want to have a reunion is to show everyone how great (and cute!) my husband is!  =P  Hey, it’s really hard to date guys when you go to an all-girls high school of 240 people, although bringing Matt’s green stuff-animal to my senior prom should have been a dead-giveaway.

  7. Amy says:

    I agree, I skipped mine.  Although, it was interesting to hear the stories of some of my friends that went.  In reality, I kept in touch with the people I wanted to.. and the rest, well..  I’ll see them again someday probably.

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