Changed my recent posts to recent team posts

I realized that the Developer Solutions team is filled with bloggers. Only our dev lead and tester don't have blogs today. I felt that my recent posts list would be a good way to help promote the other folks on the team so I've tried to be a little less selfish with my little bit of internet real-estate here. 

Blog discoverability in a world with thousands of bloggers (just MS) is a difficult thing and this isn't the only answer, but it should help a little. 

And, if you'd like to work with these fine people... drop me a line and point to your blog/living resume online. 

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Finding all of Microsoft’s Team bloggers is hard (because they are not only on MSDN, but also TechNet and MSN Space)

    I’ve listed all the MS Team Blogs here for my Clients!1pt1v0Q4vD8jSvNS4lqdAuug!699.entry

    Blake Handler

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