Developer Solutions Sister Team Led by Shawn Burk

Shawn and I met a while back. He’s forming what I’d consider a “sister team” to our “developer solutions” team.  Its cool for developers because now there will be two teams doing full time dogfooding building you great stuff.  We’ll be doing it to build cool tools and power toys and he’ll be dogfooding our new platforms to build great useful sample apps.    

I blogged a little bit about it at my last work post on my (now personal) other blog, but in a nutshell the team's main function is to focus on new technologies, and to use them to build things that are similar to what our customers are going to build. We're going to do it early so we have a chance to really drive deep feedback into the group building the technology, and we're going to do it transparently so users have a chance to see what we're up to and how we're using things.

Shawn Burke's Blog.

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