On10.Net looks like it has potential

I'll be really interested to see what the next few shows published to http://www.on10.net/ are like.  In this case (more so than channel9) the original content is really going to be king since the site really flows around this content and doesn't contain a whole lot of other forums or wiki-type content. 

I do have one gripe. To get to this page (http://on10.net/TheShow/200/?CommentID=389) it required me to expand three posts. I had to expand the thread header and then each of the replies.  IMO they should expand the first X posts in a thread when I open the header then have a "more" button for the next X threads.  The good thing about this is that I can play with the posts while watching the video... something that they should add to Channel9.  Maybe that's where they assume I get the time to expand every post I want to read.  🙂

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  1. Erik Porter says:

    We’re working on some more navigation UI to help you move around the conversation.  But hey, at least you could permalink to a comment.  😉

    We might look at expanding the first children by default as an option.  Right now though, this is actually an AJAX call and we’d like to avoid that many requests at once whenever possible.

    Channel 9 will get some 10 love soon.  😉

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