Brief glimpse at celebrity… Being part of a "blogging power couple"

Yes, the rumors are true. "Dog Lady" is wed to Scooblog. 🙂 This was a slight scary bit of investigative reporting that made me realize how impossible it is to maintain oversight of your online identity... especially if you end up going to blogger events.  I'm, of course, not nearly the celebrity that Gretchen is.

This made me wonder... what are the 10 tell-tale signs that you might also be part of a "blogging power couple"... or that you both should simply put down the laptops and take the dogs for a walk.  

  1. The dirty look you received wasn't because you didn't take out the trash, but because you didn't trackback.

  2. You find yourself at home writing a blog post and you IM your wife... who's in the next room... if she's ready for dinner... and she tells you not before she checks her blog comments. 

  3. Conference attendees make small talk with you just hoping to meet your significant other. 

  4. "You didn't notice my new jeans" is replaced by "Why don't you ever notice my new style sheets?" 

  5. There really are blog paparazzi that suggest your relationship may be on the rocks because of "bum blog advice".  I assure you that our couch is really comfy, but not needed unless you've had too much to drink over our house.   

  6. You've both been on Channel9.

  7. You get so many questions and comments that people go to your cat for advice.

  8. You frequently have to consult each other for advice on how to deal with the "crazy blog stalkers". 

  9. You invite the entire internet to vote on your personal debates.  BTW - Popular opinion sides with me. 🙂

  10. Your dogs have their own RSS feeds... and Flickr group.  




Comments (6)

  1. Gautam says:

    Cool !

    Now if I can only get my wife to blog ….!

  2. Power Blogging Couple Josh explains what it’s like to be married to another power blogger:…

  3. Lorraine says:

    I was actually introduced to blogging by my significant other and I thank him for that by emailing him a thank you note when he is in the other room all the time :o)  

  4. MSDN Archive says:
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