IOD: Bury the Reply All Button

Does everyone really need to get the mail you are about to send?  Do you really intend to "big-R" as opposed to "little-r" or maybe even "slightly-less-big-r"? 

I removed the "Reply All" button from the toolbar and the right click menu on one of my machines.  After two weeks I can say that this should be to the default setting for outlook.  The reply all button is still there... its just I have to go into a menu to get it.  This makes you think a little more about using this "spam command".  

Just another idea that might help cut off e-mail clutter at it's source.  


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  1. Max Battcher says:

    You must not post to too many mailing lists then, as most (IMO, the correctly setup ones) mailling lists send the proper headers so that Reply merely sends the author of a post and Reply All to the entire group.  This is an easy rule to learn, but has you quite often using Reply All.

    A better change might be to briefly highlight the Addresses in the reply a visual indicator to the user to double check that they are replying to the correct people (which should be your habit anyway).

  2. Jorgie says:

    What are you smoking?

    90% of my mail is interaction with my co-workers and and I have to reply to them to do my job.

  3. Jorgie says:

    And YES it is email to a project group so it must be *Reply All* not just *Reply*.

  4. Jim Holmes says:

    Heh.  Great step to help cut senseless e-mail traffic down.  

    In her book "Take Back Your Life" on using Outlook Sally McGhee talks about spending time considering each (potential) recipient on an e-mail list.  She is pretty emphatic about NOT spamming everyone because they’re just as busy as you are, and you’re sick and tired of all the junk piling up in your inbox.  (Uhh…  That might include blog comments…)

    I never could understand folks who felt the need to 1) be included on every piece of e-mail which even remotely touched on their turf or 2) felt the need to include everyone in the nearest six states on their e-mails.  Interesting bit of psychology behind both those mindsets, I’d think.

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Max: I don’t think the mailing lists I’m on are set up correctly then. 🙂

    Jorgie: I never said you can’t reply all.  Its just in the menu now on my machine. Of course there are lots of valid reasons to do so.  I wouldn’t remove it from the machine.

    Jim:  Yeah, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people in either camp 1 or 2 that you mentioned. There are several people who will ask why you don’t include them in everything, but others that will go so far as to plead with the thread to remove them.  Not knowing the difference between the two sets is something that catches you all to often.

  6. I’ve had the "Reply to All…" button off my my toolbar for several years now and haven’t missed it one bit.  There’s no need for "Reply to All…" sitting there begging to be (improperly) used.

    How did you get it off the right-click context menu?

  7. MSDN Archive says:

    J. Daniel: Good question. I just realized that I had done this in Office 12. I removed it from the toolbars with custimization and I think I assumed it removed it from the rt click menu.  I just checked another office 12 machine and noticed that it looks like it’s just not in the office 12 rt click menu by default.  Good news… now if they would just remove it from the toolbar by default.  

    To remove it from the O11 rt click menu you’d probably have to hack the file that contains all the menu information.

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