IOD: The "hand-off" Reply in Outlook

Someone sends you mail, you don't own the reply, but you know who does. Today you reply and include the actual owner... then your inbox is flooded with the back and forth from the connection you just forged with a discussion that doesn't apply to you.  Couldn't I just BCC myself in the origional reply?

Maybe I'm missing something in outlook, but I'd love a reply button that effectivly removes me from the thread such that the new participants would actually have to manually add me back. 

It just strikes me that there's a lot of effort going into products and features that help organize e-mail clutter, but not so much thought going into improving e-mail work-flow such that it becomes less of a problem. 

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  1. AlfredTh says:

    I seem to remember using that feature in the past. I think it was called redirect and was in Eudora IIRC. I’d *really* like to see it in Outlook and Outlook Express.

  2. Martin Soles says:

    I wonder if it would help you to use the message options? If you change the “Send replies to” value to be the person you just added to a thread, might Outlook be smart enough to format the email properly? I guess that it really depends on whether or not the email recipient just hits “Reply All” or manually adds the recipients back into the response.

  3. Brian says:

    Sounds like a candidate for VSTO.

  4. TAG says:

    I think there are needed something like "Do not send replies to:" field 😉

  5. Does everyone really need to get the mail you are about to send?  Do you really intend to "big-R"…

  6. No, I do not work on the outlook team despite what my blog seems to indicate of late…

    A reader sent…

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