The Naked Party… Pictures Abound

A-list bloggers are fast.  On Saturday I attended Robert Scoble's "Naked Conversations" book launch party.  I knew it would be a great crowd and it was. I also got my own copy of the book with author signatures.  But the impressive part was that by Sunday morning there had already been a whole host of blog entries complete with Flickr sets of the affair.  Here's one of me with Anita while my book is being signed by Shel. 🙂

One of the best parts, however, that the pictures don't capture was the location. I wish it had been held during the day so we could have gotten a better look at the grounds. Check out this profile on the house...

... I can't wait to see a refferals list for this entry.

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  1. JobsBlog says:

    Hey! You can see my arm in that picture, too. 🙂

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