Did you even know MVPs could write KB articles?

Here is a not so great example of a "community solution process" that currently seems broken. 


From now on, I am not going to add new articles to the MSDN Knowledge Base
(Community Solutions). Instead, the articles will added to my own web site
www.mztools.com) and will be listed in the page:


(I will try to add a weblog in the next days or announce new articles here

Why the change? Apart from the obvious reason of driving more traffic to my
web site, the process of publishing articles in the MSDN Knowledge Base
sucks. A lot. To summarize the painful process:

* Using Internet Explorer, it takes minutes to log me on. Nobody knows why.
Using Firefox it logs me in a few seconds.

* The Community Solutions private newsgroup for MVPs is dead. Nobody from
Microsoft visits it to solve problems. Too bad.

* The process of publishing articles, which is fully automated (no human
being involved) can take a few minutes to make the article live...or some
hours. Many times I write an article as an answer to some question that is
becoming common and I point the person who posted to the article, but
sometimes the article takes so long to appear on the KB that it is

* The InfoPath templates that MVP must use to create the articles:


I’m going to be following up on this one, but this is something I see that’s squarely in the Developer Solutions team charter to improve moving forward.   If only I could hire another PM. 🙂 For now if you have any other feedback about this process you think I should hear let me know. I don't own it, but am going to be tracking down some answers. 

And, as always, if these are problems you think you'd like to help MS solve to create better solution communities... feel free to send me your resume. 


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  1. You are right Josh,

    MVP community solution private newsgroup is really dead.

    MVPs are allowed to write KB articles. but the Infopath template is hopelessly out of date. It still has only .NET 1.1, missing .NET 2.0

    Can you do something about it?

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    I sent a couple of mails trying to track down the owners. I’ll see what I can do. My team doesn’t direclty own this, but we don’t directly own a lot of the things we end up having to influence. 🙂

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