What’s that blue post?

I have RSSBandit set to flag any posts that mention my blog in blue. Today there was a blue flag from Joystiq. I didn't realize they read my blog. Good thing I put up my gamertag the other day... although my gamerscore is sort of embarrassing. 

If you like games and you don't read Joystiq then you should check them out. Thanks to their blog I no longer go to ign.com or gamespot directly without following a recommended link from them. 

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  1. Minh says:


    Speaking of RSS Bandit — which I’m relying on more and more these days — What’s the ETA on the MSDN Forums supporting true RSS functionality. What I mean is only the first post in a thread would appear on an RSS reader — If we can get all posts in a thread to show up, it’d be such a tremendous help.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I don’t have a firm date on functionality. It’s on the forums team backlog.

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