How the Power Outage and a Thief Scored me a Wii

Getting some newfangled device, like a Wii, can be a challenge if you work and live in a tech-happy environment like Seattle or Redmond.  In the end, losing power for 3+ days was the break I needed to get mine. On Saturday, December 17th, Gretchen and I where able to get a good night’s sleep by…


Nobody Reads Your Internal Site

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it’s probably true.  You know that slick site you put together on the intranet?  The one you spent time brainstorming about so that every bit of information conveys what you want your teams to know. The one you spent countless hours re-organizing information on. The…


First two reviews of my Thinkweek paper

I’ve received the first two reviews of my Thinkweek paper. One of them was posted to the paper site (http://thinkweek2/Details.aspx?subId=1299)  and the other submitted directly to me.  They were both positive and I thank you both.  No comments from Bill yet, but he’s got a lot of submissions to go through. 🙂 I’d like to…


Kudos to MSDN for making support options clearer

Check out:   A little late on my part, but great work on the new MSDN support page Katie & the MSDN team!  It’s a great step in the right direction for helping customers navigate their support options.  Some clear improvements here over the older pages include:  This should be driving more traffic to the forums….


My Thinkweek: The Evolution of Customer Support

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately.  All that extra keytapping, however, was going towards a Thinkweek paper that was submitted just thirty minutes prior to the deadline at 4:30pm yesterday.  My paper, entitled “The Evolution of Customer Support”, is the sum of a body of work that myself and others have put into defining what customer…


Refactor String Resources to Resx Files in Vb.Net and C#

Last week our team released the 1.0 beta of a new refactoring menu option for Visual Studio 2005.  Bertan, the developer, has the details on his blog. The Resource Refactoring Tool provides developers an easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code to resource files. We have finished working on the beta version…


I’ve Been Mini’d

A few folks have pointed out that my blog was “mini’d”.  It wasn’t bad press so I figured I’d mention it here.  Really he just linked to a recent Engineering Excellence talk I gave on the topic of “Cross Group Collaboration”.  The small bit of Microsoft culture you have to figure out what to do…


What if the MSDN Forums where based on Live QnA?

Just indulge my thought experiment here.  This is not a commitment or even a direction, but more of a…  “brain fart” if you will.  What if the MSDN Forum site, instead of forum like, was more live QnA like?  What if we just used Live QnA?   If you haven’t checked out Live QnA yet then…


Questions about the Zune… Let’s Fix the Internet

I’ve been tempted to get one or two Zune’s for the Ledgard family, but there are some questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to on the internet. I don’t have the answers, but with the slew of zune posts around the internet I have a feeling that someone with the device can…


What do you think about CTPs?

Brian Harry wants to know.  We’ve always had a concern about the quality of the CTPs we release, but are torn between increasing the quality, but reducing the frequency.  What we found with the monthly frequency of CTPs as opposed to the classic “wait for beta quality” approach is that we received more valuable real…