IOD: Has anyone created a blog trackback visualizer?

Does anyone know of a tool out there that does a link analysis of trackbacks around the blogosphere that would create a picture similar to "The Big Picture" on CNET.  You could start out at a blog entry and follow all the links and links to the links on a map. 

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  1. I’m keeping this post on my RSS feed — I can’t wait to read the replies.

    Of course I also find it ironic that your question about "trackbacks" comes from MSDN (or TechNet) which doesn’t support "trackbacks"

  2. At first it sounds like a really cool idea – but then I’m wondering how many people send a trackback ping to a site that is sending a trackback ping to somewhere else.  

    Let’s say BLOG A writes about WIDGETS.

    BLOG B pings BLOG A

    BLOGGER C reads BLOG B, and write about it on their blog, but do they choose to link to BLOG B or to BLOG A?

    I think in most cases the trackbacks are more likely to go to BLOG A.

    What are your thoughts?

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Micheal: I don’t have any numbers, but I think I see it a lot. I don’t think most people track back to the real source of the information. I think one bloggers links to a news story then the other bloggers link to each other in a network effect outward depending on who adds commentary that is interesting to a sub-group of bloggers.

  4. cam + strip says:

    IOD: Has anyone created a blog trackback visualizer?

  5. IOD: Has anyone created a blog trackback visualizer?

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