Good Feedback on VS 2005 Documentation

[Via Mickey]

If you have installed Visual Studio 2005, and have not checked out the documentation included with it, then you need to.  Go to:

Start->All Programs->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Documentation

This new documentation app has a couple of cool features, and a couple of bugs that still need to be worked out.  By far, the coolest feature is the Search.  When you do a search for a topic, it searchs your local copy of the documentation.  But it also searches MSDN Online, the Codezone community, and the MSDN Forums.  Here is a screenshot:

When you select a section, such as the MSDN Forums (referred to as Questions in the Documentation, for some reason), it actually returns a snippet of each post, enabling you to quickly determine if the post is relevant, and if you want to click-thru to the forums.  This is also true for MSDN Online and the Codezone community.  I have found this to be extremely useful.

It's great to see some good feedback on our new search and VS help features.

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  1. AsbjornM says:

    Yepp, the docs for vsnet is very good. I just hope the full MSDN library soon will come with the same viewer.

    The msdn2 website is also nice, but the transition effects is somewhat annoying at times.. fancy the first time but not after a while.

  2. What’s cool is this was also something that was talked about in a couple of focus groups at Tech Ed. Its cool to see these things come about.

    I do agree that the transition effects at msdn2 can be a little annoying. They come across as kinda slow.

  3. Last week one of the program managers, who works with a segment of customers that is very experienced…

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