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Microsoft people forward me lots of Job descriptions.  Some of them are more interesting than others. I'm sure there are still a few people reading my blog interested in software testing.  If I was looking for an SDET job the following description is from one team I would seriously consider. 

Why would I get out of bed in the morning for this job?
Yeah, yeah, you're probably already all "eww, test, that's what the *dumb* developers do!" You're wrong. The way Microsoft does test has virtually nothing to do with the way it's done at other companies. "Testers" here are not UI monkeys. They aren't powerless. They don't do what everyone tells them. They have equivalent or better technical skills than the developers. The projects have equal funding for the development and test disciplines.

It's a serious career path, not a "starter role", and in my opinion it's harder to do properly than development. You beat up every other discipline from day one to make sure no one slips up, and that what pops out at the end is what our customers and the business people actually want.

What do you people do all day?
We deliver three-tier dotnet/sql server applications, reporting/metrics infrastructure, and some other things I can't talk about just yet because they're too cool.

You get as much customer face time as you want - how else can you find out the requirements are wrong? We have little to no bureaucracy, and you have virtual carte blanche to define how your do your job. We care about results, not process. Many of our projects have hybrid insource/outsource models, so there's "opportunities" to work with vendors in both China and India, including oversight/management roles if that's your deal.

What have you shipped?
Here’s a few projects we’ve recently shipped updates to:

Gotdotnet: (Deployment updates ongoing, so may be spotty)
DHTML Customer Chats:
Blog Portal:

What do you want from me?

Know how to think about technology. If you're demonstrated you can learn what you need to and you can think, you can learn it here.
Show me you systematically think about risk and can make profitable tradeoffs. Be able to defend your decisions and get them implemented when the entire team disagrees.
Be able to compile code. Have a theoretical CS background and way of thinking, even if you don't have the degree.
Know how to properly insult other people's code and make it better.

How do I get this job?

Reply to
Vikas Ahuja (remove .online. from e-mail address) with a resume and he’ll get things started

Here are the official job descriptions.

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  1. Norman Diamond says:

    > They don’t do what everyone tells them. They

    > have equivalent or better technical skills

    > than the developers.

    Hmm, that is good news. Now if they can get some feedback from the real world about products that are running in the wild, then there is some potential for even more good news. One of your development colleagues posted last week that devs only get feedback from a limited set of beta testers and only about beta versions of the products. Let’s hope that can change.

    Your company also published an impressive looking help wanted advertisement in yesterday’s Japan Times. So in the future, when US product versions get fixes for bugs that were inherited from and/or infect other national versions, maybe the fixes can be propagated back to where they’re needed? That would also be good news. Well, here’s hoping.

  2. Harry says:

    I totally disagree with your comments on the way MS treats testers. I’ve worked with all the major IT companies solely as a tester inc. MS in the US and Europe -coast to coast, MS is the worst – and knows nothing about quality development and testing. IBM knows and does more for it’s tester’s than MS could ever do. In fact, if you’re a tester at MS, you’re worthless and made to feel so every minute everyday. The developer’s hate all testers – and are supported by the business. Someone once told me that within MS, the developer is King – tester is scourge. That’s the way it is! The MS Way!

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Harry: Sorry that you feel that way. I can tell you that, from my experience as a tester at Microsoft for 4 years, your statements are not accurate. I’m personally Friends with several developers and never felt as you described.

    Testing at Microsoft, like any job, is what you make of it. You can read posts from the first two years of my blog if you’d like to see what my time as a tester was like and there are several other testers at Microsoft that blog today on this site. None of them seem to have the self esteem, job dissatisfaction issues that you described. Perhaps you had a bad team or experience.

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