Wanted: Full Text RSS Feeds for Mobile Client

Today I installed Newsbreak on my Smartphone to read RSS feeds.  The application is worth the price of admission. I love the homescreen plugin they provide.  But I'm missing something.... full text content. 

With the slow connectivity provided by todays GSM data networks my goal was to have it download full text feeds and read them at my leisure as fast as the smart client runs on the phone.  Sure, most personal blog feeds emit full text, but the content I wanted on my mobile phone was general news (local and national), MLB news/scores, and perhaps a couple of interesting blogs. A secondary problem is that most sites (like ESPN) that have headline based RSS feeds provide links to the non mobile version of the pages... which means that you are better off just visiting the mobile home pages of the sites than reading the feeds. 

This isn't meant to replace my main blog reading on my desktop, just meant to make sure I have good content on my phone if I'm standing in line or otherwise only connected to the world via my phone with nothing to do. 

So, does anyone have any recommendations for full text feeds that make for good mobile reading?  So far I've found the following...

  • MSN Sports Filter (Full text commentary on sports news... not filtered down to baseball. 🙁 )

  • Fox Sports MLB News (Not full text, but the descriptions are pretty good.)

  • Gizmodo (I read engadget on my desktop, but this feed is an interesting alternative for mobile reading.)

  • ???  I'm really missing a good news feed.

I'll even settle for feeds with really good descriptions. Any good recommendations?


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  1. MSDNArchive says:

    Not full text, but a decent description.

  2. Tor Bjornrud says:

    I’d be interested in seeing a quick updated list of feeds you’ve found since this post.  Am having a hell of a time trying to find some good MLB or Tigers feeds that are fulltext.

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Hi Tor – I’ve been hooked, for baseball feeds, on the mlb blogs. For I searched for a bunch of folks that blog regularly on the Red Sox and subscribed to thier feeds.  It’s not main stream media, but it’s free good content.

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