MSDN Forums: Support Cut and Paste Code or Code Formatting

If you had a choice between optimizing the forum post form around cut and paste from Visual Studio and Word or around the "format code" buttons that exist today which would you choose and why?

Option 1: Support cut and paste from the Visual Studio editor (or other rich text sources) that would preserve formatting and colorization.

Option 2: Improve and Extend the code formatting buttons that exist today. 

It would be great if you could also explain why you made the choice you did. 

Feel free to comment here or on the thread I started on the forum web site.

Comments (3)

  1. Go here  or here and give feedback on whether you would rather see improved cut/paste into the MSDN…

  2. mobilephile says:

    How about making the Studio .NET Help open faster? The Studio 6.0 MSDN help was awesome. Now with the use of C# and rendered HTML (I think), it takes a while to download and display the context and index help.

    Even worse, looks like the search is not optimised. Ex: If I query for String, can the help system download all String related help files in one stretch, instead of me clicking on each item and again waiting for a few seconds.

    Any thoughts?

  3. otto says:

    I have used Vc6/Eclipse for my development for a while now. We have switched to 2005 ( so now I use all three ).  I think you should download Eclipse and make every effort to be feature competitive with the code templates and formatting options eclipse has.

    I miss stuff like formatting the class fields etc:

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