Rob Caron Attempts to Define Community

I have a lot of respect for everything that Rob and the Team System crew has accomplished top to bottom in the "Community Space".  In his most recent blog post Rob attempts to define what he considers the community space, the impact its had on our releases, and how our transparency has helped eliminate the FUD surrounding a 1.0 product. Worth reading. I particularly liked the quotes below and the line in bold is something that should be repeated to everyone building a product until they hear it in their sleep.

"...Now, the Team System body of knowledge is where I concern myself the most. As I noted above, the core purpose of a technical community is to develop knowledge about the domain and share it with community members. The greatest service a product team can do for its community is to impart as much of their knowledge of the product as possible. This happens in a variety of ways: documentation, seminars, Webcasts, blogs, conferences, books, magazines, technical articles, white papers, forum & newsgroup participation, chats, and the list goes on..."

"...A community clouded in FUD is an unhealthy community. If the FUD doesn’t dissipate, the community will. Shipping the knowledge is just as important as shipping the product. Unlike the product, shipping knowledge is an ongoing effort. This is why Microsoft needs to care about its communities. This is why I care about the Team System community."

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