New Blog Look… Feedback?

I've been at it again... hacking my way through CSS and my blog styles.  Here are my thoughts:

I miss the 3 column look, but it had display issues when there were wide pictures in the posts and none of the styles I could choose allowed me to bury the "Archives" section with the exception of this one. 

This feels cleaner than it did before when I was layed out more like

I love getting back my "recent posts" section now that allows limited scripting again. 

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the colors.

Like I did before, when I'm done I'll post instructions on how I did all this.   

I'd love to know what you think???


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  1. TAG says:

    Plz, focus on content – not on look and feel !

  2. Definitly looks cleaner but I kinda miss the 3 column layout on your blog.

    Then again, with the new layout you can see more postings at a time due to the wider screen area for the posts themselves.

  3. Björn Graf says:

    <rant>For the next update of Community Server (CS) telligent systems need to get some decent theme(s) done by professional designers. The current ones are on par with Movable Types default theme when it comes to pleasantry (and/or readability) to the eye of the reader: They share the tag of being done by programmers (nice ideas that have not been thought through to the end, as can be seen in this layouts padding/margin issues in the left column) rather than designers (and no, I do not name myself a designer, only a reader with some light insight on the problems of this topic).</rant>

    Anyway, like TAG said: content is the king of blogs and thus I kind of find the left column way too overloaded (like most blogs though, information overload is valued more than simplicity), especially for short posts like this one. But I find this layout nicer than the previous one – I have to admit that I love the color orange unconditionally thought…

  4. Rich C says:

    Nice and clean!

    Two things:

    1) The link color just isn’t all that visible to me.

    2) I miss the three column, too. I expect that I will redesign mine from a mostly ‘default’ theme to a three column one. I’ll just be careful about the pix I post.

  5. Mike C says:

    Main content layout looks good.

    Orange-on-white is very hard to read.

    "Post Calandar" (sic) is broken in Firefox – impossible to remove – because of a case mismatch between the id on the element ("Cal") and the one being looked up in script ("cal"). As usual, IE allows this but shouldn’t.

    Calendar behaviour is clunky and unintuitive even in IE. If you must have it, stick it in the sidebar; don’t pretend it’s a navigation link.

    Placement of "Post Calandar" and "Login" links is screwed up (variously in various browsers).

  6. Mike Dimmick says:

    ‘Calendar’, not ‘Calandar’. In IE 6/XP SP2, the Post Calendar pops up on a mouseover, goes away only on a click on the ‘Post Calendar’ text. I normally read your blog in RSS Bandit, in which I have JavaScript disabled. The calendar is on by default, if I go to the web page in RSS Bandit, and there’s no way to turn it off.

  7. josh ledgard says:

    TAG: Sorry, I care about the look/feel of the page. I wouldn’t have been writing a blog post during that the time I spend on this anyway since its just good background fiddling while watching baseball on TV.

    Brian: I’m going to see if I can squeeze in some top level menus that make the need for 3 column unnescary. Check out the calandar control, for example, that I’ve moved into a menu.

    Rich: I may end up back with 3 columns again. Who knows.

    Bjorn: Agreed. I would love some more good looking 2 and three column layouts that didn’t make me want to fiddle like this.

    Mike: Yeah. I’m not sold on the default orange. I’m probably going to find a darker color for links. Thanks for the tip on the calandar. I’m just playing around now. It may not stay there. I may move some other stuff up there.

    Mike D: I just made it off by default so it reads better in RSSBandit.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback so far.

  8. Tobin Titus says:

    It looks good except for the small glitch the other layout had. It has this really scary Gollum-looking guy in the upper left hand corner of the screen 😉

  9. Yeah…I hate to reiterate the color thing but these are bad. I read in a aggregator anyway, but I liked the old color scheme better.

    On the columns, who ever said we needed to pack all this crap onto our blogs that require 3 columns? This layout is much more crisp…although with the content column on the right rather than the left, is it mobile-friendly? Doubt it. Might give some thought to swapping them.

  10. Something Scott C. said in response to my request for feedback on my new blog look struck a cord.&amp;nbsp;…

  11. Ry Jones says:

    feel free to check out my dasblog skin – it’s as simple as it gets. Makes mobile browsing nice.

  12. I’ve been at it again… hacking my way through CSS and my blog styles. Here are my thoughts: I miss the 3 column look, but it had display issues when there were wide pictures in the posts and none of the styles I could choose allowed me to bury the &quot;Archives&quot

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