Cross Posted Top MSDN Forum Users and Forums for June

This is cross posted from the announcement on the MSDN Forums I just made

Who's posted the most replies marked as answers from the end of May to June? Who are the domain experts? Here is the June view of top forum users!

In June (5/20-6/30)

Top Answerers Across the MSDN forums are...
David M. Kean              170
durstin                        76
Vikram                         60
Keith Thomson              59
Joe Stegman                57
Nikola Dudar                 53
RonaldLaeremans          48
rgerbig                        31
Buck Hodges                29
Luke Hoban                  29
Bruce Taimana MSFT     29

The most helpful list looks largely the same so I've omitted it this time around.  David takes the top spot again, but is joined by newcomer durstin in second. It should be noted that ALL of his answers came from the
world of windows forms where he earned the top spot. Here are some more of the domain experts from June!

Windows Forms Top 3
durstin           76
Joe Stegman   57
David M. Kean 38

Visual Studio Team System Top 3
Buck Hodges                29
Bruce Taimana MSFT     29
Rob Caron MSFT           23

SQL Top 3 + 1
Euan Garden     27
David Sceppa    23
Brian Welcker    23
Robert Bruckner 23

VB Top 3
Keith Thomson  59
David M. Kean   22
Johan Stenberg  10

VC++ Top 3
Nikola Dudar         52
RonaldLaeremans  46
Jonathan Caves    21

VC# Top 3
David M. Kean  21
Vijaye Raji        8
Vikram              8

Device Development Top 3
Vladimir Fedorov  22
CarlBrochu          21
David T So          15

Thanks to everyone contributing their time to answer questions and tag answers!  Remember that if you want to get credit for your answers remind the asker to click "mark as correct answer" on your replies. 

Top 10 Forums (All Time) by Answer Rate
Kudos to the teams and answerers that have made these forums very successful! 
Forum*                                              Answer%         Days to Answer
Visual J# General                               100%               4.2
Visual Studio Class Designer                 100%               0.7
SQL Server Documentation                  100%               4.3
Visual Studio Team System Workshop    100%               2.8
VSTS General                                     99%               3.3
Visual Foxpro General                           99%               2.3
XML and the .NET Framework                98%               4.8
VSTS Team Developer                          98%               1.5
VSTS Team Test                                 97%               1.8
Visual Studio Source Control                  95%               2.5

Bottom 10 Forums (All Time) by Answer Rate
If you are looking for an opportunity to break into the top users list then you don't have to look very far.  Here are the places we could use some help.  🙂

Forum*                                              Answer%         Days to Answer
SQL Server Analysis Services                8%                1.5
Web Services                                     22%             10.4
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)          25%              5.2
Visual Basic Language                          30%              1.7
.NET Remoting and Serialization             35%              4.8
Visual Studio Debugger                         36%              5.6
Visual Basic General                             38%              4.1
SQL Server Tools General                      39%              5.2
.NET Development General                     39%             2.3
Windows Forms Clickonce and Deployment 41%            5.1

*Note that I removed forums with very small amounts of traffic.

What this post interesting?  What other information would you like to see? Will anyone ever catch David? 🙂

Comments (7)

  1. Travis Owens says:

    Log Statiscs, how I love log statistics.

    It’s really cool you do this list, even though I may not be active as a reader, poster or answered in these forums, I alway think it’s great when people get their "props" in a page, even better when that page is programatically generated.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    One of our goals is to get these stats generated automatically onto the live site. I hope we can squeeze that into the fall.

  3. Interesting about Web Services having such a low and slow response rate. It’s at the core of .NET strategy. On the other hand, this forum is very specific and the questions, as detailed as they are, require a whole host of mastered details.

    I would ask then, how do these numbers match with certifications – are few taking and passing Web services in relation to the other areas? Is it the least chosen optional exam taken?

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