Tech-Ed Notes on Multimedia Community Content

I missed this stuff when I posted the constructive blog feedback.  I talked a few people about podcasts, webcasts, video blogs, demos, etc.  Here are the quotes:

  • “Channel9 content is entertaining”
  • “(I) don’t have time for video and audio blogs because I can’t quickly scan like text blogs”
  • “No time for the longer channel9 videos unless they are really compelling”
  • “I showed my boss the Channel9 site and he couldn't beleive it was an official Microsoft site and that you would let crazy people run up and down the halls scaring people with a video camera “
  • “I like the 5 minute how to information you get in some screencasts and demos”
  • “channel9 is my lunch break from work”
  • “Most video and podcasts don’t help answer my questions, but I can see the entertainment value they add for some people.”

Similar to the blog feedback I was surprised to find out how few people actually knew that there were several developer "blogcasts", webcasts, or even channel9 videos existed. If someone did know that this stuff existed there was a real divide.  My rough estimate is that people fell into three camps.

  1. People who felt that there was no value in us putting effort in these spaces because the information was not search-able or quickly scannable like text blogs.
  2. People who felt there was a place for it, but it has to be limited to content that's less than 5 minutes and very "how to" focused.
  3. People who derived value from both the entertainment and information they learn from longer videos and interviews ala webcasts or channel9. 

What camp are you in?

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  1. I attended Tech-Ed for the first time this year. My mission was to talk to as many people as possible…

  2. Gavin Greig says:

    Can I be in both camps 1 and 3?

    I do appreciate and sometimes watch the longer videos, but a way of quickly scanning the content would be helpful (and also easier to refer back to, if there’s some particularly valuable nugget of information).

    Short pieces are also valuable, but don’t be put off making the longer ones: just improve their accessibility a bit.

    Of course, I appreciate there’s real work in producing transcripts which may not be easily justified. Here’s hoping!

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Sure, don’t want to limit anyone to one camp. My generalizations aren’t based on very scientific research. 🙂

  4. I like both the short and the long videos.

    Having a transcript with a link to the video would help finding the video on search engines.

  5. Mark Rosenberg says:

    They had a series of 3 or 4 videos on Channel 9 that covered QA for Visual Studio 2005. I thought the series was great and sent the link to our QA person (small shop only 1 QA guy) and my boss. My boss (the IT director finally saw it and told our QA guy who had only seen 1 of the videos to watch them all. That is worthwhile content!

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