My Plan to Fix Daylight Savings Time

This morning I had to be at tryouts for the amateur baseball league I play in by 8:30 to scout for our team.  I don't generally get to work before 8:30 so Daylight Savings Time was rough.  From the looks of the cold, soggy, dreary eyed tryout players, DST was rough on everyone.  I also find it generally insulting to have an hour stolen from my weekend. 

Something has to be done to stop this tragic yearly event.  It's not that I don't want extra daylight at the end of my day so I'm not suggesting we stop fighting the VCR clocks every few months... I have a plan.  I can turn lemons into lemonade on this one.  How can we stop this madness you ask? It's easy.

You're waking up on the first Sunday of April.  You probably stayed out way too late last night.  You know, because of that, you won't enjoy your Sunday as much as you had hoped and soon you'll have to be back at work Monday morning. Instead of setting clocks an hour forward when you wake up Sunday morning... you set them back... you set them back 23 hours and get a "do-over" on your Saturday.  BAM Instant (almost) three day weekend and you get your extra daylight to boot. Everyone wins. 

"But Josh, I like tracking exact revolutions around the Sun.  Won't this mean there would be 366 days in a year? What about the shift in seasons that would occur over time from our playing god with the calendar as we know it?"

Well, we aren't really tracking exact trips around the sun anyway. In fact, we have this crazy thing called leap year every four years to account for the inaccuracies in our calculations. So there is already precedent for adding time to the calendar.  Still not buying it... No problem, I've got a fix for you sticklers out there as well. 

It's 6pm Thursday evening in the last week of October. You're still reveling in the glory of your newly discovered three day weekend and all that you accomplished in your extra 23 hours the past spring.  It's been a hard week so far and you weren't really looking forward to going back to work Friday... Here's what you do... now you're going to have "Fast Forward Fall" and set your clock ahead 23 hours!  You've just skipped the working part of Friday and can begin your weekend a day early!

It will be a while, but I'll be able to run for President eventually. Take back your weekend, your sleep, and get your extra daylight all in one package. Vote Josh in 2012! 




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  1. TAG says:

    You forgot to mention – everybody must vote for new president during Friday bussiness time (at most from 8am to 7pm) in the last week of October 😉

  2. Steven says:

    Pfff. The switch should actually be on Monday and we should set the clock 25 hours ahead and skip straight to Tuesday. Nobody likes Mondays anyway.

    Or better yet, first go back 23 hours, repeating Sunday, then skip forward 24 hours, skipping Monday.

  3. Don Newman says:

    As much as I like your idea, wouldn’t you only set the clocks ahead 23 hours in the fall? I’m not that big on the extra hour of daylight, I am a night person who would appreciate an extra hour of evening. Why not move to moonlight savings time? Those that want an extra hour to do things during sunshine can do them in the morning while the rest of us are sleeping in an extra hour!

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Don. Doh… you’re right. I updated the Fall FF hours. 🙂

  5. Scott says:

    Actually it’s not daylight savingS time it’s daylight saving time.

  6. Todd says:

    That is the best idea I’ve seen far.


  7. I think I found myself a running mate for my plan to take over the Whitehouse.

  8. David Smith says:

    You have my vote.

  9. Tony says:

    I play in that league as well, which division/team do you play with? I was previously playing Baker/Giants, but have joined up with Baker/Astros for this coming season.

  10. Josh Ledgard says:

    I played/play on the Baker Diablos and the Rocky Diablos team. The Astros should have a good season this year. Did you guys keep that ace pitcher you picked up?

  11. Josh Ledgard says:

    That fits the description of the guy we saw last year in his first game. Good luck to you guys as well.

  12. Tony says:

    I just met most of the guys, but I recall being introduced to one of them as their ace pitcher which they picked up mid-season. I think he played college-ball or something.

    WIth only 6 teams in Baker, I’m sure we’ll be facing each other quite a bit this summer. Good luck!

  13. JobsBlog says:

    Congress may extend daylight-saving time



  14. Erik Porter says:

    Here in Indiana, the farmers rule the land. We don’t observe daylight saving time so one minute we’re the same as Eastern, the next we’re in Central. Confusing, but no switching clocks! 😉

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