The End is Near… Gretchen is “PodCasting”

So tonight Gretchen posted her first "podcast"; thus proving that she is now the geekiest Ledgard family member this side of Oliver-Dog.   I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I knew she has always been a closet nerd.  She even has her own enclosure generating feed you can use to subscribe to all the future "JobsBlogCasts" she has lined up.  

Now, if only I could get her to enjoy Halo 2... then the end would truly be fast approaching.

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  1. You can’t call it podcasting when there’s no way to play the file on an iPod. (it’s in Windows Media format)

  2. Josh Ledgard says:

    A. I put "podcasting" in quotes… but I don’t truly believe the term is meant to be exclusive to iPods only. Wikipedia doesn’t believe its an exclusive to iPod/MP3 term. Do you use q-Tips or cotton swabs?

    B. I personally don’t ever listen to "podcasts" on my iPod, but rather in Windows Media Player.

    C. The latest version of iTunes has an importer for non-DRMed wma files.

  3. Josh Ledgard says:

    This is not to say your feedback about providing a more universal format is not valid.

    I just don’t like the supposition that "podcasting" has to mean one audio format and one playback medium.

  4. paul says:

    Josh I agree.

    Podcasting, while originating from iPod listeners, is growing beyond the device. Podcasting is a trend just like blogging, IM’ng ..etc.


  5. Dr. Shim says:

    WMA? MP3? Use OGG!

    If your lucky, you could then call it "oggcasting" and get a new following behind you.

  6. ray says:

    There is only one way I can get my wife to play xbox games and that is cooperative multiplay.

    Halo/Halo2 has the best example of this.

  7. "PodCasting" = "iPod only" based on Winer/Curry, who coined it, which is why I prefer to use the term "BlogCasting".

  8. josh ledgard says:

    Lawrence: Interesting comment since on Adam Curry’s blog today he talkes about the iRiver being an iPod killer. Its what he is using these days. Is he no longer "podcasting"?

  9. Betsy says:

    Go Gretchen GO!

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