See You at Tech-Ed… Vote for my BOF Session

Just booked my tickets to Tech-Ed 2005 in Orlando.  I'll out her and mention that Gretchen will also be wandering the crowd. As we get closer to the dates I'll let you know where I'll be in case you want to say hi.  

Throughout the event I'll be talking people up about Microsoft's role in the developer community.  To facilitate these discussions I've suggested a Birds of a Feather session entitled "The Developer Community and the Role Microsoft Should Play".  I'm told that, just because I suggest the session doesn't mean it will get approved. You guys can help me by voting for my session here:  I ran this discussion at the MVP summit last year and found it very valuable for the work my team does and I hope for the customers who get some insight into why we do what we do.  Anyway, that's my plea, you can always vote for more than one session. 🙂

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