Scooby Snax: My Filming and Editing Debut

My Filming and Editing Debut: I just finished posting Devdiv's first "self produced" channel9 videos.  We go through the end to end process of testcase analysis. Blame me if you get vertigo while watching these. I gained much respect for Scobles filming abilities. Its going to take me a while to get these videos near his quality.

  1. Sara Ford - Introduction to DevDiv's Test Case Management System
  2. Sara Ford - Investigating a test case failure in the lab
  3. Sara Ford - Analyzing a Test Case Failure
  4. Sara Ford - Finding and Logging a Bug

I really can't claim I had much to do with the editing. I pretty much used the four largest segments of video that Windows Movie Maker picked out for me. I was impressed with this product that comes for free with windows. It did everything I needed.

If you have any feedback about these videos let me know.

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  1. Joku says:

    Feedback: More please 😉

    Possibly interesting thing would be if there were meeting / talk about a hot issue (many votes in pfc or otherwise) and outsiders could sort of "participate" atleast so far as to see how you reach the whatever conclusion you reach (wont fix/postponed/fixed etc).

    Could be also a discussion around a feature suggestion for the VS after 2005. Possible way of doing this would be to just wait until something "big" arises and then ask if its ok for everyone who feel passionate about it to come into one of the big meeting rooms to talk and video it 🙂

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