IOD: SmartShuffle: Refreshing Your Music Without Wires

My Smartphone has 512mb of storage for multimedia content. I dislike managing that content manually to keep it fresh. I LOVE the apple concept that you shouldn't have to. However, I also hate having to tether my phone for the pre-requisite amount of time to my main home media computer to get the updates. Here is what I want: A daily portion of my 512mb refreshed over my data connection. Each day my phone would call up my home computer on its own and replace the 5-10 oldest songs on my phone with 5-10 new "recommendations".  If I want it faster or with more songs I should also be able to use the pass-through connection through my work PC where my phone charges most frequently.  Then it should replace a greater volume. 

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  1. bwaldron says:

    I like the idea and have been thinking about it. The single limiting factor now seems to be capacity of the connection to phones. I have Cingular (AT&T Wireless) and get a 20MB of data per month…not too much shuffling can happen with the 10MB that I have left to spare.

    I think all carriers are testing out different version of high-bandwidth connectivity. I believe Nextel is testing in some select cities. I can think of several ways to implement that, but wonder how practical it would be today.

  2. Josh Ledgard says:

    Yeah, I’ve done some download tests over the last couple of days. The wireless data is really just a bit too slow to make this really practical. However, I’d still be pleased if I could plug into any passthrough and make it autorefresh with music off of my home machine. Making it still worth investigating.

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