IOD: Truly Public .Net Chat Calendar

I've previously posted some ideas on how we could improve Microsoft hosted chats.  Today Mark asked me to promote his upcoming chat on my blog.  Of course this wouldn't really be nescesary if the webcasts/chats page had an RSS feed, but it got me thinking... why not let customers submit thier own chat topics and events to a special chat room? Sort of like a rentable forum?  There would still be the official MS chat rooms, but then there would be a special chat room that customers could book for a topic and have it advertised in the calendar RSS feed.  It would sort of be like smartmobs meet msdn chats.

Anyway, here is Mark's chat information that got me thinking...
"On Feb 17, Robi and I will be reprising our early effort, based on the feedback - this version will be more hands on. Dev Chat: No Touch Deployment in the real world from the official descritpion:

    In October 2004, Databeacon launched the Databeacon Smart Client family of products. These products use no-touch deployment to provide web reporting and data analysis capabilities to Windows PC users enabled with the .NET Framework. Join the two chief developers responsible for this project as they outline the technical strategies, obstacles and actions taken in bringing one of the first no-touch commercial software products to market. This session will focus on no-touch deployment and integration with Microsoft Office products.

If you want to learn more about No Touch Deployment and see if it makes sense for your WinForms our dev chat will be a good place to start."

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  1. Josh,

    You might want to reconsider your echoing related to DataBeacon. Is it really a no-touch deployment product? read :

  2. Josh Ledgard says:

    Not really sure I was doing much of an endorsement beyond stating the fact that there is a chat/webcast scheduled on MSDN on Feb 17th. And I didn’t even do that directly since my post was more about an idea on how to encourage customer designed chats on MSDN.

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