Holiday ZEB Goal Achieved!

No, this is not an invitation to send me mail… nor does it mean that I’ve run out of work to do. One of my personal goals this holiday season was to hit Zero E-mail Bounce so that I can start the new year off right. I’ve used the quiet time this holiday season to…


IOD: Has anyone created a blog trackback visualizer?

Does anyone know of a tool out there that does a link analysis of trackbacks around the blogosphere that would create a picture similar to “The Big Picture” on CNET.  You could start out at a blog entry and follow all the links and links to the links on a map. 


What’s been driving the Developer Division culture change?

A lot of other teams at Microsoft have been asking our team variations of this same question. They see our (Developer Division) transparency and willingness to connect with customers (blogs, feedback centers, forums, CTPs, etc.) and want to know how we got where we are. From our perspective I think the glass is often half empty…


Does brownie mix have more or less calories when it’s cooked?

Its slow around here this time of year and the subject of this post became the topic of a lunch conversation on our team.  It’s been suggested that Internet search engines can provide an answer to almost any inane question one could come up with.  We proposed that perhaps bars should install “Debate Reconciliation Machines” that…


What is being a PM at Microsoft Like?

That’s one more question I don’t think anyone will have answer again for a long time now because a definitive answer has been posted.  I made the transition from Developer in Test to PM almost two years ago and have found this post to be a fairly accurate depiction of life as a PM at Microsoft… and…


Are blogs without comments good blogs?

When is just having an RSS feed != to a good blog?  This question came up recently on an internal DL regarding executive or other high profile blogs that don’t enable comments.  Personally I think these “blogs” set a bad example to lower profile blogs for the wrong reasons.  If you are not steveb, Ray Ozzie,…


Good Feedback on VS 2005 Documentation

[Via Mickey] If you have installed Visual Studio 2005, and have not checked out the documentation included with it, then you need to.  Go to: Start->All Programs->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Documentation This new documentation app has a couple of cool features, and a couple of bugs that still need to be worked…


Communities Test Team Hiring

Microsoft people forward me lots of Job descriptions.  Some of them are more interesting than others. I’m sure there are still a few people reading my blog interested in software testing.  If I was looking for an SDET job the following description is from one team I would seriously consider.  Why would I get out of…


10 Reasons to Love Microsoft

I read a lot of the Weblogs, Inc Network content.  Its just good stuff and they hire good bloggers.  Amongst all the hatred you experience as a Microsoft employee it’s nice to see a post more in line with the holiday spirit.  Though the comments aren’t as nice as the post… at least the post…


It’s a Small Blog World

I know everyone knows that, but it hit me again today when I did a search for posts about the MSDN Forums on Feedster.  On the first page of results I found Joe… who works on my team.  Didn’t know he had a blog.  🙂 Of course I would have known if MSN Spaces ping’d…