IOD: New Blogger Alert/Feed on MSDN

I'm going to soon be unsubscribing from a lot of blogs. The number of Microsoft blogs has gotten insane and trying to keep up with the main feed is next to impossible. I'm going to start being selective, but I'd still like to know when a new blogger comes online and maybe read their first few posts to decide if I want to subscribe to them permanently.

So my idea would be that (or any other aggregation site) have two "New Blogger Feeds".  One that is just an announcement when a new blogger comes online. The other would actually aggregate new blogger posts for 1 month.  What do you think? Would this help solve the discovery issue?

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  1. vbNullString says:

    That’s a good idea. Reading blogs can be quite time consuming if you subscribe to many blogs. It would be good if RSS reader could filter blog items based on your own keywords or something.

  2. Harold Hsu says:

    I think this is a great idea. I tried subscribing to all the blogs hosted on and gave up quickly. I knew I’m missing some blogs that interest me, so all I have been doing is actually visting once in a while to see if I find anything interesting.

  3. James Geurts says:

    What if the new blogger only makes one post during their first month? maybe change it so that bloggers are labeled as new, if their post counts are less than 5 or 10…

  4. Josh Ledgard says:

    James: That’s an interesting twist on the idea. It really creates the "trial period" concept to bloggers. It would then be cool if the feed counted down and let you know that this was the last of the posts from this blogger on this feed and you should subscribe to their feed if you want to keep reading them.

  5. I think this is good idea, that helps to new bloggers get more visitors.

  6. Daniel Moth says:

    Excellent idea! One month is enough and should equate to 4 posts (IMO less than 4 posts a month does not a weblog/blogger make).

    Also, rather than the 25 last posts limit that the main feed has, it should be all posts in the last 24 hours; this would help subscribers on the "other" timezone keep up…

  7. Josh Ledgard says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I can’t promise anything. I’m just brainstorming over here, but I’ve forwarded the request to Betsy ( who owns the direction of

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