January is “Be Nice to a Recruiter Month”; Spread the Word

Apparently, starting in 05, January is "Be Nice to a Recruiter Month" and Chris has already started spreading the word. You never know, it could be good for you down the road.  I've learned you at least don't want to be on a recruiters bad side.

Gretchen Says "Hey – I’ve got an idea.  Let’s make January “Be Nice to a Recruiter Month.” 🙂  Return each call or email you receive for a recruiter.  If you aren’t interested in the opportunity, just say, “Thank you so much for contacting me about this role.  While I am very happy in my current job, I would appreciate it if you would forward me the job description so that I might consider whether I know anyone who may be qualified and interested.” 

Bill Says "It's 5 minutes out of your day, and you could rue the day when you blew off all those nice recruiters who wanted to put you in a job because you were too busy. "

So I promise to be nice in addition to satisfied with my current job if a recruiter should call me... at least in January.

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  1. taz says:

    hey there… im having trouble signing up with the mesagecast registration..its giving me this error

    Invalid URL format

    Invalid address URL from desired feed

    what am i suppose to do and what does this means….that’s all for know…

    thanks…pls reply ASAP OR JUS MSG ME on my msn

  2. josh ledgard says:

    Have you tried subscribing to someone else on messagecast? It works for me.

  3. As we are on the eve of a new year (and a new month), I should take this opportunity to remind you that April…

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