IOD: Cassette Adapter with Remote Control Capabilities

My commute seems to get longer each morning so I just can't help but trying to think of ways to make it better.  I use a cassette adapter to hook my iPod into my car stereo.  My car has built in controls for the stereo on the steering wheel, but it's frustrating that I don't have THOSE controls hooked up to the iPod other than the master volume.  As far as I can tell the fuax cassette spins as it plays for no real reason other than to fool the stereo that it really is playing a tape.  Why not take advantage of that opportunity and have mechanical feedback converted to remote signals to the audio device.  The tape FW and RW could be hooked up to next and previous track and stopping the tape should be pause/stop the device. The last one would be especially neat because then I would not have to worry about pausing the iPod when you make stops in your car and it would just resume when the tape started playing again. 

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  1. Robert Jacobson says:

    Why bother with an analog, mechanical tape adapter? There are several car kits that allow you to connect your iPod directly to your car amp and bypass the cassette deck.

    Here’s one:

    The car stereo thinks the iPod is a CD changer, so you can use the next-track and previous-track buttons on the CD Player to change songes. You also get a direct line-in audio connection, instead of going through the headphone jack.

    The only downside is that they aren’t cheap (about $200) and require some work to install.

  2. josh ledgard says:

    James… yup, if I had a BMW my problems would be solved apparently.

    Robert… I guess I’m cheap.

  3. Ry Jones says:

    I think the venn diagram of people who own cassette decks of any type and people who own ipods would show a very small intersection set.

  4. josh ledgard says:

    Ry: They actually sell white "iPod" cassette adapters. I also think that the same concept would apply to any device that supports a wired remote.

  5. Ry Jones says:

    I admit that I have never handled an iPod, and have only seen one or two at any distance, ever.

    The issue would be getting the commands to the device. If the iPod supports a remote control of any kind, you merely need to crack one open and wire it to the (afunctional) guts of your cassette adapter.

    If the iPod doesn’t support a simple remote, relying on bluetooth or usb or something, life is a little harder. The issue isn’t intractable, though.

    The easiest solution I see is to buy one of those FM radio adapters and hook it to your iPod. A bracket to mount it near your right or left thumb and you have everything you want. Slap in the iPod, and you’re on the air. Use your thumb for controlling the iPod.

    Caution: Don’t mount the bracket on anything likely to be accelerated by an airbag.

  6. josh ledgard says:

    I think the best suggestion might be to mount an extra Ipod remote closer to the dash.

  7. Duncan Mok says:

    Obviously the manufacturers have been listening…

    If these had been out by now I wouldn’t have got the poorly performing "integrated" iPod adaptor for my car.


  8. MSDNArchive says:

    I’ll be getting one on day one… unless I get the BMW first. 🙂

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