IOD: Local Road Traffic Report Via those “Your Speed” Signs

Continuing with my driving theme from Friday... Why not link those "Your Speed" traffic signs on local roads up to a traffic monitoring web site?  From there you could see the "Average speed for the last X Car" reports that would give you a good idea of how heavy the traffic is on the local roads.  A majority of my commute is spent on a non-highway road that has recently been equipped with these signs that are supposed to make people feel guilty for speeding by comparing their current speed with their actual speed.  I'm all for these signs if they could be put to good use and tell me how fast or slow the traffic is flowing on these local roads.  Currently, when I leave my house I'm always unaware if my commute is going to take me 15 minutes or 45 and the traffic reports available on line only cover major arteries.  If I could tap into this information that is being gathered in real time I would probably have a good indicator of whether I should leave or decide to VPN in for a while before actually coming into work. 

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  1. Tim Farley says:

    For those interested, a good place to discuss invention ideas like this is a website called the Halfbakery (as in "half baked ideas").

    Related categories on the 1/2b:

  2. Here in Toronto along major roads there are signs that tell you the traffic conditions for the road ahead. It’s usually information like:

    Traffic moving slowly from Exit A to Exit R

    Very helpful in making a decision about whether to stay on that road or take the exit and try an alternate route. I used that every day on my commute from Mississauga to Toronto at the end of the day.

    I’m not sure how high tech the traffic reports are there in Seattle (and I am sure they must be), but we have some neat stuff here for that as well. The major highways have sensors in the road that measure the speed of the traffic and <a href="">indicate on the website</a> where traffic is moving slowly etc. Very handy, but since it’s online by the time you get there the traffic pattern may have changed. It’s also just on the major roads so it still doesn’t take into account other routes.


  3. josh ledgard says:

    There are traffic maps like that for Seattle, but they only cover the large highways. I’m talking about extending it to contributing arteries.

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