IoD: Left/Right View Rear Cameras in Cars for Backing Out of Parking Spot

This probably falls into the "I just haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it exists" catagory... Why don't cars have cameras pointing to the left and right of the bumper so that you can see oncoming vehicles when you are pulling out of a parking spot and blinded by two large HumVee's with tinted windows blocking your view. I've seen purely rear view cameras to make parallel parking easier, but nothing for backing out of your general parking space.  Sure, accidents could be avoided if people driving in parking lots did so around 5-10MPH, but generally these people seem to speed through around 20MPH.  It's those people I want to be able to see coming and I'm sure my bumper would have a good view before it gets tagged. 🙂

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  1. Norman Diamond says:

    I think the idea is to back into a parking space in a parking lot, viewing the camera image if you can’t see through your own rear window. When pulling out, you’ll be driving forwards, so at least you’ll have a chance to see the car that hits your front bumper.

  2. Ry Jones says:

    It sounds like you are really wanting a carputer hookup. For under $1000 you could have the ultimate wireless pimping mp3 warehouse, web-cam-at-every-corner funhouse car. If you shop around you could probably get it down to $350, plus the display unit.

  3. josh ledgard says:

    Not sure I would go there. There are really only a few scenarios that I would really care to support. Having a whole CarPC would seem like overkill. Plus, it would not pass the WAT (Wife Acceptance Test).

  4. Ry Jones says:

    Wait a minute.

    You’re an evangelist.

    You need to evangelize your product.

    What better way to evangelize your product than to integrate it into your car?

    "All of this software? It’s either COTS Microsoft or I wrote it in 2 or 3 lines of C#. You can too. Isn’t that badass? Buy our stuff!"

  5. josh says:

    I need to change my blog subtitle. I’m actually a PM on the Devdiv Community Team. The quotes are really to signify that one of my jobs is to evagelize the community to internal people who don’t yet participate in the community.

  6. Ry Jones says:

    oic. Well, I’m an ape. Hand me a banana.

  7. Ry Jones says:

    oic == oh, I see.

    IOC is the International Olympic Committee afaik (as far as I know)

  8. ellie daniels says:

    Got a patent dated 30th march 2005 for moving cameras on sides of vehicles, front and back, to aid visibility when coming out of a parking space. Couldn’t get fixed camera as patents numerous. Car companies probably finding a way to get around it.

    e. daniels.

  9. Camilo Sanchez says:

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