Halo 2: The Sammamish Launch and My Halo RSS Feed

My local EB Games store in Sammamish WA called Sunday to inform me that they would be allowing people to show up at midnight tonight to pick up their pre-order of Halo 2.  Maybe I'll see you there. I doubt the party will be a wild in Sammamish as some of the other locations, but I'm hoping for a shorter line. 🙂

I'll also be a little late for work tomorrow. If you need me, my Xbox Live Gamertag is Scoob2134.  🙂 If you'd like to track my Halo 2 progress you can do so with this RSS link that will cough up my Halo 2 scores. Bungie really went out of their way with the new website!

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  1. Dave Bost says:

    As I just got back from DevConnections in Vegas, I’ll be heading out to purchase my copy of Halo 2 tonight. Look for ‘BogeyD’ in your request list.

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