IOD: Mini Wireless Data Storage on a Watch/Phone

I remember being super excited a few years ago getting a 32mb USB drive as SWAG.  I don't think I ever used it other than to watch the promotional video clip it contained.  Just another thing to carry around. In the age of zero-config wireless, bluetooth, and ever continuing storage miniaturization why not carry your most important information with you allowing it to be synced with whatever terminal you are on.

I imagine it would be built into future generations of SPOT watches so it's one less thing to carry around. When I log into a computer the contents of the "watch drive" would be synced with my documents on that computer or any computer I was within range of and logged into. While we're at it... make this device log me in and carry my credentials when I approach certain terminals. Make it my smart card.  I don't anticipate this sort of thing replacing mass storage devices like MCEs or Ipods for multi-media, but it would make me more prone to carrying data around with me.  It would probably be easy to prototype with a bluetooth smartphone. 

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  1. JPDaigle says:


    With the shrinking size (and cost) of flash storage, this should be doable very soon. Only problem I can see is that, AFAIK, watches currently don’t have the power (due to battery limitations) to enable always-on bluetooth…

  2. Norman Diamond says:

    A few years ago I played with a watch that had a GUI, memo editor and a few other applications that I’ve forgotten. I think the watch was made by IBM and Citizen. Obviously it had ROM and RAM, but did it also have flash or not, who knows. I’m pretty sure it didn’t have Bluetooth, but theoretically, careful use of solar power might enable Bluetoothing on demand. Otherwise maybe a mini USB jack would suit it.

    Keyboard input was unwieldy. Rotate a wheel that surrounded the watch crystal and press a button.

    By the way, to me "SWAG" means "Scientific Wild Assed Guess", i.e. a half-step above a plain WAG, when forced to give a quantitative answer to a surprise question. But a USB drive isn’t this kind of SWAG. What does SWAG mean to you?

  3. Josh Ledgard says:

    I mean SWAG as in a promotional giveaway item. It should not have been in caps. It is oftem spelled schwag as well.

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