Smart Client Bug Reporting Challenge

Smart Client Bug Reporting Challenge “Calling all smart client developers! Want to win a cool Visual Studio .NET branded backpack or T-shirt? Want to help the Windows Forms team ship an amazing product? If so, come enter the Bug Reporting Challenge Contest. It’s super simple—you find a bug in Windows Forms or ClickOnce, then you…


VBCommenter v1.2 Released with Many Fixes

Background: The VBCommenter is an addin for VS 2003 that gives you the ability to automatically generate XML comment headers in the VB .NET editor similar to what the C# editor automatically generates. It will also generate the XML comment file to go along with your VB assemblies at build time. Today Today I fixed some bugs, verified…


IOD: Dynamically Generated Images for Advertising

This one is really for the Xbox Live team to implement. I’d love to have a cool looking image on the side of my blog with my Xbox Live gamertag and possibly some recent stats ala Feedberner. Sure, I could go into Photoshop like everyone else does, but why doesn’t the Xbox live team offer…


IOD: Send us your videos… Channel9 Style

I can’t take total credit for this one.  Our team was brainstorming on how to get people internally to care more about providing great responses to help customers. One technique, that some teams have had success with, is actually bringing customers on-site to talk to their teams.  This works pretty well when the customers all…


Halo 2: It’s the Small Things

I know this isn’t a developer blog post, but I just can’t have this conversation with my wife.  She wants to hear about Halo 2 about as much as I want to hear about the latest “Real World” marathon on MTV.    What I love about the Bungie team is the attention to detail.  I…


IOD: Encouraging “Google Time” at Microsoft

You can’t help but wonder what is actually accomplished during that 20% of time spent by each individual at google on a non-core job related activity.  Are these projects ever reviewed?  Have they ever led to anything you see? Or is it just a “coolness” factor and perk for working at a company now swimming…


IOD: .Net VS Java… the Halo 2 Us versus them match

Robert Mclaws started the MastersOfDotNet Halo clan.  I wonder if there is one for the Java camp.  I smell some fun competitions on the horizon.  I know Scoble would prefer the industry not always be “Us Versus Them”, but a little rivalry can be fun every now and then… especially with Halo.


VSCmdShell Makes an “Ultimate VS AddIns” List and VBCommentor News

Scott Hanselman created his list of “Ultimate Visual Studio .Net AddIns”.  I was flattered to see the VSCmdShell project make the list even in its current unfinished state. “VSCmdShell – Open a Command Prompt within a Visual Studio.NET 2003 Docked Toolbox Window!” In other news… Thanks to Harold to grabbing the the latest source code…


Embarrassed it has come to this… Help me help you with VBCommenter

I apparently don’t have any machines fit to access the source control for my gotdotnet workspaces.  Not even pure virtual machines I’ve tried work.  This means I can’t grab the latest code, make some change for a 1.2 release, and fix some of the bugs you all have been e-mailing me about and posting to…


Halo 2: The Sammamish Launch and My Halo RSS Feed

My local EB Games store in Sammamish WA called Sunday to inform me that they would be allowing people to show up at midnight tonight to pick up their pre-order of Halo 2.  Maybe I’ll see you there. I doubt the party will be a wild in Sammamish as some of the other locations, but I’m…