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Yesterday our VP, Soma, quietly announced mini-project I was involved with after a conversation only a week ago about how his blog was going.  Highlighting and aggregating the feeds of the Devdiv leaders certainly won't win any innovation awards, but hopefully it puts some more eyes on these guys who may only find time to blog once a month with good content that is otherwise lost in the msdn main feed in a matter of hours.   I'd like to thank Kent for the quick turn-around on the prototype and the now live site.

Check it out: 

Let Soma know what topics you would like to see these guys cover here.  

Also let me know if you would like to see blogs from the C#, VB, Asp.Net and other team leaders.  I'll be sending them all a little mail to get them on the bandwagon soon. 

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  1. Carl Meek says:

    This is great! Any possibility of an RSS feed? (At least I couldn’t seem to locate one.)


  2. josh ledgard says:

    Unfortunatly that is a current limit to the tool we are using. It’s why we provide the OPML file with the list for people to import. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to upgrade the tool and also offer the RSS Feed.

  3. Combined RSS Feed for Microsoft Developer Division leadership blogs

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