IOD: The Ultimate Customer Pimping Company

Jackie, from CoC, responded to my quick comments about open source marketing and touched on how Tivo was pimping out their customers as opposed to letting them share in common marketing goals. Here is what she said: “TiVo *could* have open-sourced their marketing by setting a goal for the number of subscribers needed (say, by quarter) and…


Some of the things I love about baseball

Sandyk wrote an excellent post that I believe captures why many people remain die-hard baseball fans in an age where soccer, football, and basketball are taking over. “There’s a ton of beauty in baseball.  There is indeed flux and it occurs in each individual count, each inning, each game, each week, and each season.  Every…


Giuliani and a Glimpse of Transparency to Come

I’m most of the way through “Leadership” by Rudy Giuliani and wanted to share two of my favorite excerpts so far. Read to the end to get a glimpse into how I see us applying the fundamental vision that could be extracted from them. First, He talks about using transparency in the Citywide Accountability Program to make city agencies more…


On Open Source Marketing

I’m not surprised in the least that Firefox was able to secure funding from loyal users to pay for a full page add in the New York times.  What I am surprised about is why anyone would say this is the future of PR?  I could agree that blogging and social networks play a powerful…


Tried and Failed to add Ratings to my Posts

Today I tried to add some concept of post ratings to my page, but it’s apparently beyond the limits I can control through the CSS overide since I can’t add scripts to posts.  Oh well, would have been cool.  Here’s hoping ratings make it into a drop we use later on.


Scooby Snax: From Schilling to the almighty M$

Just a collection of things swirling around in my head recently… I can’t believe I’ve withheld my excitement from this blog…. The Red Sox BEAT THE YANKEES AND ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!! Will Ortiz cost them playing first base in the NL park?  Will Tony L. out manage the Red Sox skipper?  Can…


Devdiv Leadership Team Speaks

Yesterday our VP, Soma, quietly announced a mini-project I was involved with after a conversation only a week ago about how his blog was going.  Highlighting and aggregating the feeds of the Devdiv leaders certainly won’t win any innovation awards, but hopefully it puts some more eyes on these guys who may only find time to blog once a month with good…


Building Community: 6 Things you could learn from Xbox Live!

Special Post Disclaimer: My standard disclaimer applies, but also remember that I don’t work for the Xbox Live team.  Anything here is purely my opinion and examination based on what I see as a consumer of their outstanding service.   My team owns delivering the vision document for the future (Orcas and beyond) of “Community Integration”…


Offline Security Concerns in Light of Recently Stolen Mail

In the online world there will always be debates and discussions over security and privacy.  What always surprises me is that everyone seems to be “up in arms” over security/privacy concerns surrounding your digital information over the internet, but never shows a comparison to the offline systems online deliver methods are intending to replace.  I…


Who is your buddy? Thoughts about the ISV Buddy Program

Recently Mark and I were talking to some of the folks behind the ISV Buddy program about some concerns we had.  The concerns came from people on our teams that had experience in the program but, when put to the test, neither Mark nor I had actually signed up for the program.  Rather than just relaying…