Add-in Contest winners announced!

A while back I sent mentioned this add-in development contest being sponsored by Roy (Who is now an MVP!) The community judges just finished picking the winners. You can see all the entries and the source code that was submitted on this page.  There were 19 entries submitted ranging from a simple macro to collapse all solution explorer nodes to an add-in that enables "step into" debugger behavior based on regular expressions. 

We didn’t sponsor a $50,000 prize like the Tablet PC guys, but this was pretty cool and driven completely by a community of people who love extending our platform. All I did was donate some autographed books and a tour of campus for the winner. 🙂 If you were a winner you should have just gotten mail from me looking for shipping information.  Good Times! - Josh

Comments (1)

  1. Roy Osherove says:

    Thanks for the support Josh. I have more plans.. stay tuned 🙂

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