MSBuild Chat Happening @ 1PM (Pacific) today.

I attended the Editor team chat this morning and had a lot of fun.  @ 1pm (pacific) I'll be at the MSBuild chat.  Members of the MSBuild team will be there as well so come join us on the link below.

Visual Studio 2005: MSBuild



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  1. The day the chats work from behind a standard ISA installation… Is the day you see me there mate 🙂

  2. Uhhh?


    Or did you mean like anonymizer? No. We block that with Websense. My problem is I’m getting too good at keeping our users out of ‘bad’ sites… Which is stopping me from getting to the MS site.

    If I knew what ports it was communicating on I could probably tinker my way around …

  3. josh says:


    If you are behind a firewall, you may need a proxy client to get to the chat server. Please contact your network administrator to help you set this up. The port for chat is 6667.

  4. Cool. I’m the administrator 😉

    I’ll try opening 6667 and see if I can’t get this hooked 🙂

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