All you have to do is ask

Eric is looking for feedback on what Microsoft blogs have meant to customers. Like Eric, I've previously tried searching for this type of feedback about MS community engagement, but haven't just simply asked.  Kudos to Eric for asking.  Lots of great feedback is rolling in.  And yes, we welcome negative feedback as well. My favorite quote so far:

Everyone in my team has 30-45 minutes on the clock time per day for .NET-related blog reading, and we're T&M government contractors, so we end up eating that time per employee internally. That's how much my organization values the information in the Microsoft blogs.

Personally, I've found them to be an indispensable resource. On the same note, since reading them, even the die-hard Linux guys in my department have picked up an appreciation for Microsoft and the work you do. They have been nothing but a positive force for your camp.


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