Upcoming VSCmdShell Addin Project Roadmap

So far I have a bunch of downloads and some feedback for the 0.8 release. I've also been asked what my plans moving forward are.  I'm not a fan of dates. The unpredictability of writing software is bad enough without having to account for when I have openings in my schedule to support my software writing habits.  I instead have a list of features and bug fixes in mind that I want to have done before I declare a 1.0 release and a rough goal that 1.0 launches (At Latest) with Whidbey and ships a VS 2003 version as well.  Here is the feature list I'm working towards. Let me know if you disagree with the rankings or have any of your own ideas after working with this.

  1. Default launching to the users solution directory

  2. Supporting replacement, auto complete for, and aliases of VS environment variables like $(ProjectDir). 

  3. An options page with support for:

    1. Changing the default startup directory (support VS Env variables).

    2. Ability to enter additional bat files or change the default bat file run on launch.

    3. Font/Color selection (I may just change it to pick whatever you have set for the Command Window)

  4. Additional Entry points:

    1. From withing the rt click inside the solution explorer to open to project/file locations

    2. From the rt click on open files in the shell “Open Cmd Prompt in File Directory“

    3. A keyboard shortcut 🙂

    4. Moving it off of the tools menu into the windows menu

  5. A left side toolbar ala the Command Prompt Explorer Bar project with buttons specific and useful for the VS Environment

  6. Support for custom shell definitions.  This would enable people to point to a shell besides cmd.exe.

  7. Some ability to CTL-BREAK.  It won't be perfect, but it will be better than none.

  8. XML defined colorization files.

  9. Your suggestion here???


Comments (8)
  1. Damian says:

    This version is great!

    I have a feature request though, I love that you’ve brought in directory completion by hitting the TAB key, but only for the current directory. The standard shell lets you go multiple levels deep and will still do completion.

    Also, and I guess this is a bug, if you start typing a command, then arrow back and change it, your editing keystrokes get appended to the end of the executed command, even though the text on the command line looks right.

    Other than that, I love this tool!

  2. josh ledgard says:

    Yup, the arrows thing is a bug I need to fix.

    Could you explain the multiple levels issue step by step? To me it seems that the tab is working just like it does when I run the cmd prompt externally.

  3. kojiishi says:

    This tool is nice.

    I wish 4.1 in your feature list. I do not see any reasons to use this tool rather than standard command prompt from Start menu other than the reason that it syncs nicer with project directory.

    I also wish its auto-complete works better. For me, it’s a bit unstable.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Damian says:

    Sorry, I guess I wasn’t too clear.

    Say I have a directory structure :





    In the standard shell, I can type :

    cd p [Tab] p[Tab] c[Tab]

    and have it autocomplete every step of the way, so I can get down to my 3rd level directory without hitting enter and typing cd for every level. It sounds only minor, but it’s one of those ingrained workflow things 🙂


  5. josh ledgard says:

    This looks like it must be a bug. Thanks. I’ll see what I can do.


  6. jledgard says:

    Kojiishi: Could you explain the instability in the auto-complete?


  7. gry online says:

    in four words

    tool is the best

  8. jledgard says:

    Thanks Gry. That’s pretty good for a part time project.

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