The Community Effect on Productivity

This is a great post by Ken that highlights all of the cool knowledge sharing going on @

Some Highlights:

“For those who think the move by Microsoft to be more open and available to customers is a good thing, beware! My productivity has fallen off in the last week because I’m reading too many  fascinating Web logs from interesting MS people and groups...I’m filling up my IE Favorites with links to stuff I know I’ll want to retrieve later...

“...There’s such a wealth of information and expertise in the heads of  “ordinary“ MS testers, writers and developers that the community can’t help but benefit from their blogs. I’m sure there will be some bumpy spots when someone’s nose gets out of joint because a company “secret” inadvertently hits the Net, but certainly the flood of valuable info is worth risking the occasional slip.“

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  1. William Luu says:

    I can just imagine future media release headlines…

    "Blogging to blame for delay in [INSERT PRODUCTNAME]…"

    Haha, well, though it is laughable, but you never know, could very well happen.

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