Scooby Snacks Volume #3

Incentives: Curt Schilling could make around $150k if he starts the All-Star game and $2 million if the Red Sox win the world Series.  It's probably a little late to ask for my contract to be restructured so I get a huge cash bonus if the Powertoys blog goes to #1.  Yup, I just saw the latest numbers... to late. 🙁 Now what if I was asked to contribute to a book?  Its also been suggested I should still write a book on testing despite the fact I'm a PM now.  My wife and friends would die if I was a published author.

What Towels?: Last week Tim was the first person I knew to be victimized by the lack of towels downstairs after he biked to work.  I know several people who have “permanently borrowed” the last remains.  The towels are no big loss, they were those skimpy, can't wrap around your waste, barely a face cloth towels anyway... but I'm glad I didn't have many meetings with Tim last week.

The Waiting Game: I happen to be one of many that were invited into a certain beta program. You think the gmail invite trade was wild, you should have seen all the internal mails from people searching for and giving out these.  I don't have my beta kit yet and when I do it will probably say “The first rule of the internal beta is, you DO NOT blog about the internal beta”.  In other words, I probably won't have much to say about it here.  I've never been on a beta for another Microsoft product so it will be interesting to see how things work from the other side of the fence.

OSDN and MS Sitting in a Tree?: It's been cool to see several MS projects be hosted on Sourceforge lately.  I'll probably end up using it for my next powertoy project after the VSCmdShell hits 1.0.  I wonder how we could further expand that partnership?  Clickonce on sourceforge?  Sourceforge source control inside VS???Just something to ponder. 

MSBaseball Challenge Update: I'm now well over the $500 dollar mark I was shooting for.  I'll post a final talley when I have it, but another big thanks to everyone that helped out. 

This Dilbert hit home for me on a few levels recently.  For one: Close to 40% of the people in my building are currently doubled up in their offices.  It's based on seniority.  I'm so close to that line I can almost feel the heat generated by the extra computers already.  Secondly, I've run into too many “can't do“, “won't do“, “scared to do“, “not without this form you don't“, “non-passionate“, “we have no resources“, “that's a hard project“, “did you know they cut our ESPP” whiny people lately.  Customer bugs got you down?  Be accountable and don't ship as many bugs customers care about.  Don't love your job? Find a better one.  Don't feel rewarded? Do something worth being rewarded for.  And please... please remember to google for an answer before you ask 20 questions. 


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  1. Eek! I thought Microsoft was the Great Rumored Land of Always Having Your Own Office. On the bright side, at least seniority is an ever-increasing metric. Of course, so is "number of people who need offices," as long as your company is growing….

  2. A big thumbs up on a book about testing!


  3. jledgard says:

    David: They do keep building more buildings, but that doesn’t seem to help most of the people I know. 🙂

    Scott: The thought I had this morning in the shower was to organize a MS Test Bloggers Book taking the best testing bloggers @ microsoft (maybe a guest post or two) and start from there.

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