No more Gmail for Charity with New Google Stance

I won't accept any more paypal donations towards the MSBaseball Charities for Gmail accounts per the new google policy.  Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far.  I'll have to think of some other plans to raise the remaining $60 I need to read my initial goal.

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  1. Scott Duffy says:

    According to the article you linked to, the ban is on swapping GMail accounts, not invitations. So if I have registered "", I cannot go onto eBay and try to sell that name. Also, one person cannot have more than one GMail account.

    Selling GMail invitations are allowed to continue as usual.

  2. jledgard says:

    Perhaps I’m overly paranoid. I was always worried that, even though what I was doing was for charity, that I must have been crossing some line.

  3. I think you crossed the line here. It is obvious, isn’t it ?

  4. josh says:

    Regardless. No small animals were harmed and the money raised will go to a good cause. I wasn’t doing this for profit.

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